Support the construction of the school for the vulnerable children, PHASE 3

The school will benefit more than 700 vulnerable children in Tanzania

Education is the powerful tool to conquer against diseases, illiteracy and poverty.

Our children need education for them to be able to help themselves.

Support the construction of the boarding school for the most vulnerable children in Tanzania.

Now we want to build the walls and roof two classes, build the toilets and a wire fence.

Any donation counts.

Project Updates

12 December 2023

The photos of the school and the construction of two more classes. After the school registration that’s when we started teaching the children coming from poor communities in the rural areas who could not access the quality learning.

Thank you so much ALICT for all your support.

It’s 1,212 we are so grateful

30 January 2023

We are starting the enrollment of some children this week because the two classes are ready.

With your donations two classes are ready and children can start learning the nursery school,this is the dreams coming to reality.

We have 40 chairs to start with,some beds and mattresses.We are going to do an inclusive Education so that our children will learn from other kids coming from good families.

We need to keep building the two classes more and your donations is highly appreciated.

Whatever you do to the least of these you are doing it to God.
We speak blessings to your lives as you keep donating and sharing these beautiful news.


Thank you so much for your endless support for this campaign

22 November 2022

We are now at 18% of our campaign and it’s so beautiful to see the love of God through our friends, with this donation your bringing us closer to our dreams of bringing true HOPES to the vulnerable children in Tanzania.

We are still planning to start the enrollment of the kids on January 2023 kindly keep supporting us.

Thank you so much for donations and sharing the news.