Support the construction of the boarding school for the most disadvantaged children

Every child is born unique,by shaping the mind of the child we are shaping the future of the Nation.We want to give them not just education but the quality education

Why do we do this project?

We want to bridge the gap of education inequality especially for the most vulnerable children who are not in a position to join school due to bad cultural believes which thinks that they are useless and the symbol of misfortunes and bad lacks. Also the research shows that 40% of adolescents from rural areas are not enrolled to school, but the few who joined school will dropout and end up get married at the younger age and become the victims of sexual abuse especially for young girls.

We devided this construction into 4 phases


We are setting up the foundation for 7 classrooms.The funds will buy the bags of cement, blocks, stones and water for the foundation building.

• Donations Closed •

This project has reached its fundraising goal.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

Project Updates

Final Update

The funds were to set the cornerstone for three classrooms, and through this campaign, we have managed to build the foundation for four classrooms.
This school will benefit the lives of nearly 700 vulnerable children in Tanzania. Praise God!


Hurrey, a shout out to our friends, I would love to thank you friends for your kind donation,we are nearly half of the way. Thank you for giving your time for this by sharing the good news to friends.

And I kindly asking you again to help us share the news as much as we can so that we can become the LOVE of God to the little ones. Blessings with LOVe ,Tumaini.

The construction of school campaign is doing really well,we are almost half of the way, let’s keep going, sharing

15 October 2021

Thank you souch for all our friends who donated your finances for this project, it’s really heart touching and we pray they our good Lord will bless you.

Through your donations we have been able to buy 2000 bricks and 3 trips of sand for laying foundation of three classrooms.

We still need 30 bags of cement and water to start the construction.

I would love to invite you again to donate and share these news to friends,we are so hopeful that our kids lives are going to be transformed through this school,when you donate,you are giving the glimpse of hope to the hopeless children, let’s join our hands together, thanks.

An update,it’s 83% all most there

8 February 2022

Almost there, we are celebrating this achievement so far,we see how our God is faithful and how love among people works, every single donation is giving us a step ahead towards the life transformation for Kids in Tanzania, this school is going to serve a huge purpose, can never stop imaging the perfect world which is being created now through all these donations, I kindly invite more donation or sharing these news to our friends so that we reach our goal or even more. Blesings Tumaini

97% yeeeih, almost there

12 March 2022

I would love to thank everyone who made this campaign possible, I’m so happy for this school and the children who will pass through this school, I call them that game changers, we named the school”THE KINGS AND THE QUEEN’S SCHOOLS” I just can’t wait to see these beautiful kids going to school.

Thank you so much for your support,this is phase one, I still need you to complete 💯 but also for the other phases to come,
May our good Lord bless you abundantly.

Thank you everyone for your donation we are 100% through for the phase one

25 March 2022

We can’t thank you all enough for all the efforts you did to accomplish this mission, thank you for sharing also,you all are a huge blessing to the lives of the kids here at the centre.

We are going soon to start the phase two for the aim of roofing the classes. Keep holding us again with prayers,and donations until these beautiful kids are having the better education aimed for them.

Thank you so much,we are so humbled to see what God can do through people. Much love.