Support Hospice Kaliro in Uganda

We want to raise $ 1000 to kick-start the construction of Hospice Kaliro to provide palliative care services to rural communities in Kaliro district, eastern Uganda

Anyone can fall sick anywhere at any time. We believe in improving the quality of life of patients irrespective of their diagnosis, and status, offering dignity, care, love, peace and support to those at the end of life and their families.

Uganda has approximately 250,000 patients in need of palliative care and are not in hospitals but in their homes and communities. Most of the doctors in Uganda are operating from hospitals which are usually far from patients’ homes. The number of health workers is extremely low in rural areas. Patients in rural areas have to travel long distances if they are to access health care. Professional health workers are scarce in rural areas because there are no hospitals where they can operate from. Rural communities are denied access to restricted medicines and health care in general yet the majority of Ugandans live in rural areas.

What we want to do.

We are seeking to raise USD $ 1000 to kick start the construction of Hospice Kaliro at our site in Namusolo village Kaliro district to provide specialist palliative care for inpatient and daycare services for the rural communities in Kaliro district, eastern Uganda.

Hospice Kaliro will save rural communities from traveling long distances to access care, they will be in a position to access professional health workers, restricted medicines and atleast have a center where terminally ill patients can be taken care of with dignity and love.

What we need

  • We have already secured 1/4 an acre of land in Namusolo village
  • 100 bags of Cement
  • 20 tonnes of Sand
  • 10,000 Bricks

How you can support

  • USD $10 can get us 250 bricks 
  • USD $20 can get us  1 tonne of sand
  • USD $50 can get us 6 bags of cement

How we shall complete the rest of the structure

  • Partnering with roofing companies to support us with iron sheets
  • Hold fundraising campaigns with neighboring corporate companies like Kaliiro Sugar

• Donations Closed •

This project has either reached its fundraising goal, closing date or has been stopped by the owner.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

Project Updates

We submitted a project proposal to ITL Stellenbosch to raise USD $1000 to build a local hospice and provide specialist palliative care inpatient and day care services for rural communities in Kaliro district. USD $285 was raised through the crowdfunding platform, which enabled us to draw up the architectural plans and obtain local government approval for the building.