More than gospel information, but gospel transformation

In order to glorify God, assist the poor and strengthen the church, we train the local people to grow, understand and apply God’s truth to all areas of life.

Sharing the full gospel for transformation in every phase of life.

Poverty is more than just lack of money; it’s a mindset in all areas of life. Oaxaca is one of the three poorest states of Mexico with its own problems and needs for development, but most of all with the great need of the gospel transformation.

We believe the best way to tackle poverty is by:

In order to strengthen the church and assist the poor, we train local people to cultivate, understand and apply God’s truth to glorify Him in all areas of life.

– Bible training for pastors.
– People training on microenterprises.
– Creativity and innovation in the banana process into more than 30 other products.

Bible principles on community transformation are a continuous training we share to people believing the bible has the power to change our way of thinking and stop the lies of the enemy about our bad way of living.

– We provide the essential products to process the banana, with blenders, brick ovens, etc.
– Printed quality material for conferences and training.

You can give starting $15 for milk, flour, sugar etc. up to $100 for either one of two things: a Bible training for 30 people or a trip to go to the villages to share the gospel of transformation; your generosity of any amount can surely make a difference.

Thank you, the joy of seeing a life change does not have a price.

• Donations Closed •

This project has either reached its fundraising goal, closing date or has been stopped by the owner.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

Project Updates

I praise God that I am able to maintain serving the people of the communities. I serve the people through the following projects: The training of pastors, preaching in small congregations, taking groceries to people, teaching the bible with the use of MP3 players and audio teachings. This is all done to promote gospel transformation. Despite certain challenges in some communities in Mexico, I was able to move on and serve in about 4 other villages.