Help us to sustain the charity project "Give Joy" for sick kids and their families

Sharing joy and love to someone in pain is priceless, instead it brings hope, strengthens body’s defense system and grows faith for God who cares.

Dream came true

The Christian charity project “GiveJoy” has been serving about 400 sick children and their families a year since 2013. It started in one of the Ukrainian hospitals for poor communities from the prayer and caregiving service provided by me and a few women who strongly believed that children who struggle from cancer deserve to know Jesus Christ and be blessed by His love and compassion.

Serving with joy and love

Since those times this ministry has grown and now annually conducts more than 100 charity art- therapy workshops, many celebrations of kids’ birthdays, Christian holidays, discharges from hospital, and also regular tea-parties, beauty days, trauma healing groups for their mothers. And due to these activities, charity help and personal relationships the people who go through difficult circumstances of their lives can experience answered prayers, real help, support, emotional restoration, shared love and even miracles of healing.

Pandemia didn’t stop the ministry

Being born in the times of war and changes of health government system of the country this charity project was struggling to find the sustainable funds for its development since the beginning. This year because of pandemic crisis the situation with resources became even worse. But we see hope in the fact that despite of nowadays restrictions the team of the project is still welcomed to visit children in the hospital and allowed to continue the service.

Share joy and love with us

Giving joy ad love to someone in pain is priceless, instead it brings hope, strengthens body’s defense system and grows faith for God who cares.

Join us in this ministry. And we can do more!

  • Each 20 dollars‘ donation will provide one art-therapy workshop in the hospital.
  • 5 dollars will bring joy to a child via a hand-made gift.
  • 50 dollars’ donation will allow one woman to participate in a few-days trauma healing group process.
  • 100 dollars will help us to create a video testimony of a child who won the war with cancer.
  • Any amount can help families to cover medical expences of the treatment.
  • Each amount matters.

Please, consider helping this ministry continue to serve children and women by contributing to and sharing this need.
Thank you for every donation!

May God bless you!

• Donations Closed •

This project has either reached its fundraising goal, closing date or has been stopped by the owner.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

Project Updates

Final Project Report

Since 2013, we’ve been fundraising for “Give Joy.” We used the money for this initiative and for the east Ukrainian children who are impoverished due to the war.

Kids had 70 art-therapy sessions in 2021 and 25 in 2022.
These classes average 5–12 students. Parents occasionally attend. This section treats 400 youngsters a year, with more than half involved in our process.

Due to the Ukraine war, several youngsters departed this section in April 2022. European hospitals treat them.

This initiative had one 6-person trauma healing group in 2021.
We were able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the kids in the hospital. 38 children received gifts (Dniproptrovsk regional kids hospital, department of oncology). We also sent gifts to needy East Ukrainian villages. All together we sent 200 gifts and large donated bags of clothes for impoverished children.

Missionaries at Rubezhnoye (Donetsk region), Zachepilovka, Rudenkovka, and Pudlivka distributed these presents (Poltava Region). Children received gifts and heard the gospel.

We also created three videos to draw people’s attention to what we were doing.

Ministry continues

7 July 2021

Dear friends, we thank you for the prayers and support! We have received the official permission from the general manager of the hospital to visit children. So after some preparation work we will continue our ministry again.

Easter’s eve

26 April 2021

We are heading Easter here in Ukraine. We are praying to have a chance to have a small meeting with our young friends. We hope God will open the doors for us again. Want to share Gospel, bring some gifts and communicate with their parents. Please, support us in prayers. TMay God bless you

Two months break

25 February 2021

Dear friends, we are here to write an inform you about our project. This is our first so long break when we are not allowed to visit children. It already lasts for two months. Covid touched this department and the hospital administration doesn’t allow any visits except parents. And two or three children were diagnosed Covid. And after that the restrictions became unconditional. Nowadays we are considering the possibility about creating online platform for kids and parents that will epxpand our services. We need God’s guidance and wisdom, yur prayers and support. Please, pray!

Children wait

25 November 2020

I just want to share with you one of these moments that sometimes happen in the hospital. We had our art class on Sunday. The presence of the Lord was tangible. There were many children gathered around the table. Their parents also joined. And among othere there was one young lady. I think she was 4 or 5 years old. She was one of those children who has just happened to be in the hospital with this diagnosis. it means that everything for her was new. She was moving around the table with here mom. And I can’t say she was involved that much. The idea of the lesson was rather difficult for her age. But she was nearby anyway.

Next day she went out of her room and sat on the sofa – at the place where we usuallu have our classes. Her mother asked her, why she was there. And she replied: “I am waiting for the lesson”

God opens doors

17 October 2020

Dear friends,
we are glad to inform you that God opened one more door for our team. We have started the ministry in one more medical department of the same hospital. The art-therapy master classes will be held there on regular basis – once a week and we are praying to have at least two clasess a week till the end of the year.
Thank you for your prayers!