Help people from poor Ukrainian villages which suffer from Russia invasion

Help people from poor Ukrainian villages which suffer from Russia invasion

Dear friends,

The whole world is watching the situation around Ukraine and Russia. I’m not here to tell you the reasons of this conflict. This is the role of political analysts. My role as a Christian is to help poor, lonely and vulnerable people. 

As soon as the conflict increased we started helping  poor people from the villages near the occupied territories. The electricity supply was damaged in many villages. And in some villages there’s no access to the water at this moment. Because of the war activities some villages are cut off the food access. And the process of repairment of all damages is not possible because of war, either. So we are trying to help people from that part of Ukraine to survive in today’s bad times and to share food with them and the Gospel. 

For the last few days we were able to collect basic food packages and to organise an urgent missionary trip to the struggling villages. Today, my friends, missionaries, have brought food packages to 600 households near the occupied territory (on the map these villages are between Dzerzhinsk and Horlivka). These  packages contain basic food, like groans, oil and bread. 

We are going to continue to help those and other villages which struggle in this war.

Please, join us.

One food set costs about 50 dollars.

Transport expences depend on distances.

Thank you for your support!

P.S. On the video you can see our missionaries who shared food, Gospel and pray for people from Ozoryanovka village (near Dzherzhinsk).

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

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