Giving Basic Pastoral Training to Untrained Pastors in Remote Communities

Providing basic pastoral training for people serving as Pastors in remote rural communities in northern Sierra Leone; but who have never gone through any form of pastoral training.


Can you imagine a world without Pastors? See the role Pastors have played in your life, relatives and friends -Aren’t they so essential and impactful? Many people have never paused a while to see the importance of Pastors. The Sunday sermons, roles in ceremonies like; child dedication, marriages, funerals etc. Pastors are providing services to us for free and more important than many services we pay for. Their absence will be catastrophic.

World without Pastors, is the reality for many people in many parts of the world and Sierra Leone is no exception.

I’m Daniel Kanu, pioneer for Sweep the House Evangelism and Church Planting Initiative, a team dedicated to rural mission.

We are presently providing basic pastoral training for 46 untrained Pastors in northern Sierra Leone. In many parts of this country, especially remote vilages, people come together and start a church. Amongst all, the one that can read and happens to have a Bible plus little Christian  experience becomes the Pastor automatically.  Our next goals are:

  •  To give basic pastoral training to another 32 untrained Pastors, equipping them to provide efficient pastoral services in their communities.
  • To raise USD 1,000 to accomplish this goal within six months and USD 31,25 can provide the training for one Pastor.

We are kindly asking you to partner with us by giving 10, 20, 30 or 50 USD as we provide this training for these Pastors. God bless you.

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