Empower-to-Prosper Food Gardens

Empowering the Zandspruit community in order for them to start food gardens, feed the hungry and becoming self-sustainable, also impacting others to do the same.

The Problem
“No Job, No Food, No Hope, No-one cares about us”. These are the words of one young man from the Zandspruit Community in South-Africa. I must say I really don`t know what it feels like because I have never felt like no-one cares – have you? With a mere 1000 dollars we will be able to train and mentor 7 people from Zandspruit, providing them with seeds and materials so that they can start food gardens to feed their own families, become self-sustainable and then also impact others to do the same.

The Solution
Foundations for Farming address fundamental needs in communities by teaching them Conservation Agriculture farming methods in order for them to become self-sustainable and interdependent. We want to transform communities and help eradicate poverty, dependency and related social problems with a message of Hope, imparting Biblical life lessons and emphasizing the “be faithful with the little you have” principle. Our vision and mission is to bring transformation to individuals and communities through training and mentorship in the four areas of Faith, Family, Farming and Finances. Our project empowers people to Believe, Behold and Behave differently by changing Hearts (attitude), then Heads (knowledge) and then Hands (skills). By doing this we build on a firm foundation and plant in good fertile soil so that it will bear much fruit and continue even when we are not there anymore.

The Challenge
With a small contribution of $30 you can make a big difference in the lives of over 200 people! How is that possible? Let me explain: With a 1000 dollars, you enable us to train 7 people who train and mentor 4 more in their Isandla (Hand) groups. That is a total number of 35 people who are effected! Also those 35 people are all part of families with an average of six people per household that equates to 210 people who will all benefit from your $30! So if we can get 35 people who gives $30 we change the livelihood of over 200 people directly! Commit today to change the life of at least one person with your donation of 30 dollars.

Breakdown of Costs:
15 Dollars provide Seedlings and Seed to sustain 7 Families
30 Dollars pays for the Printing of the Training Material
60 Dollars pays for the Training Accomodation
135 Dollars covers the Training Fee of one Person

If one person can impact one family, imagine what 7 people can do? That is why we have a small focus, but a big vision – Empower one person to equip others so that a whole community can prosper and be transformed. These people don’t deserve food parcels and false promises. They deserve dignity, self-worth and purpose. Help us to help them. Thank you!

• Donations Closed •

This project has either reached its fundraising goal, closing date or has been stopped by the owner.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

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