Educational Support For 80 Less Privileged Children In Kandeh Town Community Bo City - SIERRA LEONE

This project will help to promote spiritual growth and good educational foundation for this 80 less privileged children.

Better Hope Ministries is located in Bo city Sierra Leone, started it operation on the 27th May 2007. Our vision is evangelism, church planting, discipleship and giving hope to the destitute by giving them educational support, food and non food items.

Moreover, Sierra Leone has gone through 11 years of civil war from 1991 to 2002, Ebola outbreak 2014, mud slide 2017 and the current corona virus which lead to the death of thousands of Sierra Leoneans and left behind hundreds of destitute.

This community is currently hit by poverty mainly because majority of the bread winners lost their lives by the outbreaks. Educational support is not satisfactory for the children. Reversing this situation is of importance for empowerment for these children. Poverty reduction programs and other policies should consider the child right to education and basic necessities especially destitute, at this end Better Hope Ministries has planned to empower less privilege children through education.

This project cost 1,000 USD, the fund will be directly use to provide educational materials for 55 primary school pupils and 25 junior secondary school pupils for one academic year.

In this vain we kindly ask you to join us in support these children with any amount. $10 or $15 can make a huge difference in many children’s’ lives.

• Donations Closed •

This project has either reached its fundraising goal, closing date or has been stopped by the owner.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

Project Updates

These kind donations used to buy exercise books, pens, pencils, and school bags for 55 primary school pupils and 25 Junior secondary school pupils, totaling 80 pupils.

The children were very excited when they received the donation and this has made them very proud and excited to attend school.

Thank you to all the donors!