Be The Hand To Feed The Vulnerable

This project is aimed at feeding hungry families in Kintago Farms, Accra who have been severely affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

Sophia and Elolo, are couples in the ministry of sharing the gospel in a nomadic and vulnerable community called Kintago Farms, Accra. The community is bedevil with poverty.

During COVID-19 pandemic, there was an extreme hunger among many families in the community. It became pronounced during the partial locked-down. We were so moved by once seeing a family of five take one pawpaw for supper.
This stirred us up to start a feeding program to support the needy families.

Currently, 40 needy families are supported with bags of rice and bottles of oil.
We plan to feed 120 more families in Kintago Farms in six months by supplying twenty needy families each with 5kg sack of rice and 1L of oil per month.

We cannot do this without your help. We are therefore calling on you to join us to raise funds, in order to provide foodstuff for these affected families.
We are aiming at raising $1000 to feed 120 needy families.
Your $10 will feed a family with a bag of rice and a bottle oil for a month.
A donation of $50 will feed five families for a month.

Through your support, we will all share the practical gospel together with the joy associated with it. Your donation will help rescue a soul and it will make a difference for eternity.

In appreciation, we will provide updates of our programs through photos and testimonies of beneficiaries.

Thank you for being the hand to feed the vulnerable.

Project Updates