AFRO F.U.N.K Digital Content Hub. A home for African Christian artists and content creators

AFROFUNK (Fresh, Urban N Kingdom) is an initiative that aims to redefine the narrative in Africa’s Music & Content Creation within the Hiphop & Youth.

AfroFunk, (Fresh, Urban N Kingdom) is an initiative that aims to redefine the narrative in Africa’s Youth; music & hiphop culture to be one that’s Creative, uplifting & God glorifying.

My name is Jefro Katai & for the past 15 years; I have been actively involved in Kenya’s youth, music & hiphop culture through various roles.
I have had the honour to have pastored, mentored artists, organised local & international music events and by God’s grace played a part in shaping the Youth’s Gospel music narrative through initiatives like Madlove Lounge.

In 2021; during a youth workshop, I identified a huge need to create an online platform that will collect digital content from credible Christian artists & urban influencers from across the African Continent. That’s what has birthed the #AfroFunk idea.

The need was never more urgent & evident than during the Covid-19 lockdowns where digital media & entertainment played a major role towards either affirming or destroying the youth’s true Identity.

Generation Y are heavily influenced by the many voices that they interact with daily in social media pages.

I believe that by having a central digital location; New talent, emerging ministers & leaders from across the African diaspora can get to be nurtured, trained & network with like-minded individuals for effective Kingdom advancement. It will also be a platform for sharing wholesome content to the (16 to 35) year old demographic.

We have a target of raising 1150 USD that will go towards our 1st phase of creating the website and facilitating the initial team of content creators.

There is already a web designer, a couple of writers/interviewers and a few urban artists/ministers that are excited to be a part of the initial stage of the vision.

Your kind contribution of USD 10, 20, 50 or more will go towards helping us kickstart this noble initiative.

God bless!

• Donations Closed •

This project has either reached its fundraising goal, closing date or has been stopped by the owner.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this cause!

Project Updates

The project was intended to raise 1150 USD to create a 1-stop digital space for Creatives with a heart for Urban ministry, but due to a technical hiccup, the total amount raised was $150. The web designer agreed to work within the budget and the platform was