AFLA-Liberia COVID19 Quick Family and Community Trauma Healing

AFLA-Liberia COVID19 Quick Family and Community Trauma Healing

The Association For Life of Africa- Liberia (AFLA-Liberia) is a Christian Non-Governmental Organization that is reaching, rescuing and restoring broken communities and lives through our various centers across Liberia by providing health care, counseling, ministry, education, and social services where lives are being saved and changed. We believe in the sanctity of life and that all lives are valuable and should be respected.

Over the years AFLA-Liberia has helped communities in both the urban and rural communities across Liberia to create resilience and be empowered to serve as agents of change in their communities. Due to the COVID pandemic, which has re-circled the trauma of the 14 years of civil war and Ebola outbreak, many of our people in these communities we are serving have been impacted economically. We were able to respond by reaching out to them with food and some COVID preventive materials. Funding prevented us from reaching the overwhelming economic need in as many communities as we would have liked. However, we provide counseling, mentoring, and trauma healing skills to help empower these communities and people to create resilience and healthy coping skills to deal with the short and long term trauma of COVID.

During one of our distribution events (food and COVID materials supplies to the physically challenged), many of them said, “We are grateful that you were able to reach out to us. We were dying of starvation and severe trauma due to continuous isolation and abandonment by the government and community.” Physically challenged people in the country are mostly left to beg on the street for survival and due to social distancing and isolation; they are facing severe economic challenges.

There have been 1,956 cases and 84 COVID deaths so far across the country of Liberia. It is our hope that the food, preventive materials, counseling, mentoring and trauma healing skills acquired through our project; the physically challenged, families and communities will be equipped to deal with the impact and effects of COVID. The goal is to develop skills and resilience in the life of these communities to overcome the trauma and its effects of COVID19 and post COVID19.

We are asking for a donation of 10, 20, 30, 40 USD to help buy fifty bags of rice at the cost of 750.00 and two thousand face masks at the cost of 250.00. I do believe that your donation and support will be able to transform lives and bring healing to our community.

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